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Traditional events Spausdinimo versija

Traditional events will be a wonderful entertainment for tourists, who visit the Šalčininkai region.


Shrovetide in Šalčininkai is one of the most jolly calendar feast days that take place on the city square. The feast is celebrated 7 weeks (46 days) before Easter. Maskers gather on the square of the Administration of Šalčininkai region Municipality, inviting guests and the city's inhabitants to the feast. Right there one can also try the traditional Shrovetide dishes - pancakes with suet and Šalčininkai sauce for pancakes. Šalčininkai Cultural Centre (phone: (8-380) 51980


"The Poetry Spring" takes place in the second half of May in the yard of the Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park Direction. This event calls together schoolchildren of the Šalčininkai region schools who write poems, as well as the mature poets - Domicelė Pidkova, Vytautas Dailidka and other masters of poetic word. During the event, the traditional exhibition competition of spring flowers bouquets takes place as well. Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park. Phone/ fax: (8-380) 46624, 46666, e-mail: dieveniskiuirp@is.lt



On the 23rd of June, when the night is shortest, and nature thrives and grows, the Rasa feast, or Joninės is celebrated. The preservation of authentic traditions and customs is the most important goal in the organization of the Rasa feast that takes place before the sunset on the 23rd of June not far from Poškonys, near the river Gauja. To pass through the gates, pick the herbage (kupola) and wreath, visit an oak and fields, hallow the descending Sun, kindle the altar, cut wreathes adrift, and, of course, look for a fern flower - such is the scenario of the feast. Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park. Phone/fax: (8-380) 46624, 46666, e-mail: dieveniskiuirp@is.lt



On the 24th of June, it is worth going to Jašiūnai to the feast of St. John, where an interesting concert and gaieties wait for guests. In Jašiūnai, near the Balinskis' palace, people wait for the sunset, while singing songs and dancing. (Šalčininkai Cultural Centre and Jašiūnai Subdist (phone: (8-380) 35476))


The Polish folklore feast in Šalčininkai "The Song near Šalčia" is a traditional feast, which has been organized from 1995. The initiators and organizers of the feast are the Šalčininkai Cultural Centre and Šalčininkai Division of the Lithuanian Poles' Union. "The Song near Šalčia" takes place on the first Sunday of May, commemorating along with it Poland's Constitution Day on May 3 and Mother's Day. Each year, the inhabitants of all ages of Šalčininkai town and its surroundings gather in the square, near the city park - it is a traditional place of the organization of the feast. (Šalčininkai Cultural Centre, phone: (8-380) 51980)


The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to the customs of the forefathers, the feast begins in the church, where during High Mass herb bunches and fruit are sanctified. After the Divine Worship Service, the feast continues on the town square. Farmers take part in the feast; the exhibition of agricultural wares and a concert take place. Hostesses treat the crowd to pancakes, honey, cheese, biscuits, homemade vodka etc. (Turgeliai Subdist, phone: (8-380) 41365, Culture House (8-380) 47936)



"The youth's summer" event is organized for youth and everybody who likes music and takes place on the last Sunday of August. Popular Lithuanian music bands take part in the feast; ensembles from Poland and Belarus are usually invited as well. (Šalčininkai Cultural Centre, phone: 51980).


On the first Saturday of October, the stadium of Šalčininkai Jan Sniadecki gymnasium is noisy like a real marketplace. On this day, all the region's farmers converge to commemorate the end of rye harvest and of all autumn field works together. Harvest Feast is a perfect occasion for all the region's farmers to meet, to present various fruits and vegetables grown on the fields and in the gardens of the Šalčininkai region. Farmers, working hard, do not always have time for entertainment, and thus Harvest Feast is a perfect occasion to listen to a concert of folklore and pop ensembles. (Administration of Šalčininkai region Municipality, phone: 30166; Šalčininkai Cultural Centre, phone: 51980).


"Let us lit the All Soul's Day candle..." With the day of commemoration of the departed approaching, schoolchildren of the surrounding schools and guests from other places of Lithuania assemble at the Poškonys barrow place to officiate the rites of commemoration of the Baltic forefathers, symbolically communicate with souls, sacrifice to them some food, and listen to telling of archaeologists and historians. The "souls'" gates are set up, candles and fires are lit, in their light songs of orphans and war songs are being sung, the antecedents are remembered, and the participants feast. Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park. Phone/ fax (8-380) 46624, 46666, e-mail: dieveniskiuirp@is.lt



St. Andrew's Day, a day of girls' love fortune-telling and matrimony since time immemorial, is considered the beginning of Advent. On the 29th of November, "Andrew's" parties have already been traditionally organized in Rūdninkai for five years. The feast takes place in the events hall of Rūdninkai, stylised after a village house. There is an old stove, where pancakes are "baked"; a table stands in the middle, and benches around it. Conversations and songs change women's works. From time to time they go dancing. Following the traditions, then divinations ensue. Common rejoicing of grown-ups and young people continues till the midnight. (Šalčininkai Cultural Centre, phone: 51980).







April. The field-and-track run Baltoji Vokė - Rūdninkai - Baltoji Vokė. In recent years, competitions in other sports take place during the feast as well; basketball, tug-of-war, weightlifting, ring are especially popular. Sportsmen not only from the Šalčininkai region, but also from Vilnius and Poland take part in the event. The age of the participants range from 3 to 60 years. (Education and Sports Department of the Šalčininkai Region Municipality Administration, phone: 30175; Baltoji Vokė Culture House, phone: 43183).

April - May. Ring championship of Lithuania. This sport is becoming more and more popular in the region. The competitions take place in the stadium of Šalčininkai Jan Sniadecki gymnasium.

July. Children and youth table tennis championship. Young sportsmen from Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Russia, and Latvia take part in the competitions. The event takes place in Šalčininkai Millenium gymnasium.

September. Handball championship dedicated to the memory of Antonijus Ratkevičius in Eišiškės. Traditionally, young sportsmen from Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus meet in the competitions.

September. Disabled competitions of the Šalčininkai region take place.

February - May. Parochial sport competitions. Sportsmen from the Šalčininkai region and foreign guests take place in the competitions. The participants compete in several sports - handball, football, volleyball, basketball, chequers, ring.

December. Christmas basketball championship 3 out of 3, organized in Šalčininkai Janas Sniadecki gymnasium.


Education and sports department of the Šalčininkai region municipality administration, phone: 30175

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